The Outbound App Reviews

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Love the idea but executed poorly

The app itself is fine but outbound really limits their community by only featuring a select few adventures. Instead if there are certain things that a post is lacking they should get back to the author so they can fix their mistakes. This would result in a bigger community and more adventures for everybody!

Looks great!

Really aesthetically pleasing. I love being able to read about which adventures I can add to my bucketlist. Looking forward to the update where I can upload a picture and my information of my adventure onto my profile from mobile. Id prefer to post/ save drafts while on the go because a laptop isnt always accessible.

Looks nice, but useless

I love this app as it is aesthetically pleasing, but, it needs Canadian results because even though I live in Canada, I only get results from the USA.

Please fix

Its crashing when I try to open it. Please fix I love this app.

Seems cool but cant login

I cant seem to create a profile with or without Facebook it tells me there is an error

Bug fixes? Cant even sign up!

Facebook login still does not work, and it never has. Registering using an email address results in an error too saying "A valid user was not returned while registering"

Not working

Login not working with neither FB nor email. Same errors mentioned by other users.

Great, simple, clean

Really surprised with this app. Everything is super clean, and has a very simple layout. Most apps Ive downloaded have been aggravating to deal with. The OutBound allows me to find trails quickly, save them for a sunny day, and review those that I have visited.

Why ask to sign up?

I do not know what app offers and it asks for sign up with no way to skip


Finally an app for EVERYONE! From amateur hikers to the ultimate backpacker, this app delivers.

Simple and clean

Love the fact that its so minimalistic and shows a lot of trails based on your interest.

Amazing app

Super easy to navigate. Clean design, very cool. Any fan of the outdoors will love this app.

The best

Easily the best trail-funding app out there, although it does have a few bugs!

Keeps asking me to create a profile...

...after the 3rd time of being unable to create a profile... I deleted it.

Awesome app: nothing else like it.

Extremely helpful if youre looking for an adventure nearby or across the country!

Just what I needed !

For all the backpackers , hikers , wanderlust , travellers , this is one of the best app i have come across. Simple design. No unnecessary ads. Beautifully organized UI. To be honest this was just right what i needed being a beginner traveller who is eager to learn about places nearby and outside the state without having to search everything online. Just perfect !

Good helpful app

Need to add off-road or dirt biking to the activity list. After they this app would be awesome!


Just downloaded, and I really like this app already. Its extremely beautifully designed, and easy to use. I love the detailed descriptions, but I also really appreciate the user reviews and packing lists. So many different hikes, adventures, etc available for those of us who want to be outside. I know its going to easily become one of my most used apps as I set out to explore.

Potential to be awesome

Its a great app right now, great look, great interface but it needs more places it should have all the state parks in your area and even nature preserves in specific towns. For those of us who live in small boring states it doesnt have many options. In general though its a great app, way easier to navigate compared to similar apps. It just needs to have a comparable number of adventure locations.

Beautiful and interesting

I love having an app to help me find awesome new things to see and do around me. The app is visually beautiful and wonderfully entertaining. It is wonderful!

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